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Vocals on Stage™

The successful singing method.

Vocals on Stage™ is a vocal training program for all levels and ages. We put our focus on the Voice and Vocal Health, whether you are a Singer, Speaker, Actor, want to reduce your Accent or just use your voice for communication and fun, we got you covered with the right training.

We offer Vocal coaching, Speech coaching, Voice Over Training, and Guitar, Piano and Songwriting Lessons as we believe these instruments come in very handy for singers, songwriters and anyone who enjoys playing music. We focus on your goals and needs and train in vocal technique, vocal style, performance and general musicianship. Vocal technique combined with artistry and style.

In order for any stringed instrument to function efficiently two elements must be present: one, the vibration of the string creating the pitch, and two, the resonance of the instrument creating tone. Like a piano, violin, guitar, harp, cello, viola, etc., the voice is a stringed instrument and depends on these two functions for proper vocalization. When the vocal folds come together, the vibration between them creates a pitch depending on the length, thickness, and tension of the vocal folds. This pitch resonates throughout the body, creating the tone of that pitch.

In Mix, we desire to bring the two elements fully back together. By mixing the chest and head voice you receive the full benefits of “both voices”: the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As a singer learns to sing using both of these resonances and trains the vocal folds to stay together, it is possible to vocalize smoothly and evenly from one register to the next. The relationship of the two elements working together will create an even, smooth vocalization and, as a result, eliminates the “breaks” in the voice.

The “break” is the passagio (passage) that occurs in most singers while attempting to vocalize from one register to the next. Depending on how these two resonances are “mixed,” a variety of sounds can be created and all styles of music can be accommodated. A sound that is natural and unaffected throughout the entire vocal range can be used in all styles of singing.

At Vocals on Stage™, we train singers to transition through the bridges in their voice without strain, blending registers effortlessly so that they are able to focus on performing a song, whatever their musical style, because their voices are strong, flexible, and reliable.

The Successful Singing Method

Are you ready to drop it like it’s hot?

Benefits of Singing

Free your mind, body & Soul!

Singing is in our genes and in human nature and helps underpin and maintain our well-being and happiness. Vocals on Stage™ singing lessons are therefore fundamentally enriching.

+ Helps to calm negative mental ‘chatter’
+ Reduces Stress
+ Build Self Confidence
+ boost to our self-esteem
+ Natural pain killer
+ A form of meditation
+ Improves non-verbal communication
+ Increase concentration
+ Exercises our abdominal muscles
+ Build relationships
+ Creates positive energy and a happy mood