“The Vocals-on-Stage Recording Bash 2015 was so much fun! I learned a lot and this experience made me grow!”


“It’s always fun with Radina and I learn so quickly. The recording sessions are very useful and promising and help me hearing my voice embedded professionally into a song.”


Emily was granted her angel wings on February 7th 2014. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. She was a very talented young girl and we would like to share her great voice with you. Emily, you will always be remembered.


“This is so much fun! Fantastic lessons, Radina is a very talented and high quality teacher I would recommend to anybody anytime. Oh and the recording sessions are awesome, I feel stronger, hearing what I am capable of.”


And there’s even more



“By far the most amazing vocal lessons ever. Immediate success, Radina is a very friendly teacher. Great techniques and very well explained, for me as a beginner exactly what I was looking for! I would recommend one full lesson a week.”


“Radina is such a great teacher, always friendly, professional, patient, she knows what she is doing. I’ve been taking lessons with her now for about one year and I always look forward to my vocal lesson. We work on songs which I can pick but she also recommends great songs to practice.”



“I am a self proclaimed “Karaoke Queen.” So when I sing I try to sing like the singers I imitate. Unfortunately, it is not my natural voice as Radina help me realized. She makes lessons easy and helps unlock your true singing potential and voice! I am learning to use my actual voice and to make a song more my own. She is wonderful!”


“I had an hour lesson with Radina. I recently moved from an original band to a cover band and needed some help with one of the songs. She helped me with that song and gave me some great tips on training my voice in a way I never thought of before. Highly recommend.”



“When I came in, I was a total newbie and didn’t know anything. I couldn’t hit the right notes and I was holding back a lot. Radina patiently took me through some basic exercises and even taught me some terminology. Now I feel like I improved a lot and have a better idea of how to improve in the future.”