Online Classes 

Aside from voice lessons in Los Angeles, we are pleased to offer online lessons via Skype , FaceTime, or Google Hangouts to vocalists anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with an internal or external microphone, as well as a solid internet connection. Through the power of technology, we are grateful for the opportunity to help the whole world to sing!

Skype lessons are now available for vocal lessons, speech & voice lessons, accent reduction and guitar.


– Enjoy vocal lessons in the comfort of your home: ANYWHERE / ANYTIME!
– Tour support: ANYWHERE / ANYTIME!
– Audition support: ANYWHERE / ANYTIME!
– No driving time! No sign up fee!
– Month to month or single lessons available!
– Online recording possible!
– Get professional vocal lessons wherever you are!


Online lessons are a convenient way of getting professional vocal lessons wherever you are located at! All you need is the following:

– a smartphone OR a computer
– a pair of headphones
– a solid internet connection
– Skype or FaceTime