Guitar & Piano

Singers benefit greatly from learning a musical instrument. For this reason, Vocals on Stage™ also offers piano and guitar lessons to our clients.

Learn playing piano through Simply Music®, the revolutionary Australian-developed program.
From the very beginning, this innovative system has you playing a huge variety of music including composing, improvising, arranging, playing accompaniment, classical, blues and jazz, understanding and reading music, all done through the lens of Simply Music’s unique, ‘playing-based’ approach.

This approach produces unprecedented results, and is not only becoming the new standard in entry-level music education, but is redefining music learning. In contrast to traditional learning, this breakthrough program is tactile, experiential, and multi-sensory, with students being physically, visually, and aurally fully absorbed.

We all have exactly what it takes to have music-making as a life-long companion. Simply Music offers you, no matter your age or background, the remarkable opportunity to express yourself through music, from your first lessons!

These are not the lessons you grew up with. Come, learn why.


Accompany Yourself.